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Family Practice in Herbalism and
Advanced Massage Therapy

What do People Say?

Read these excerpts from clients' letters:

  • "I could not walk without pain ... I am [now] walking normally.
    My blood pressure, my cholesterol levels and blood sugar are all [now] within normal range. My Doctor is amazed. The bodywork and herbal tonic ... [have been] lifesaving. Creative Expression classes [were] key to my progress in therapy. I trust Sherie McGuffey with my life. She has absolute integrity." Sue W.
  • "I had learned to live with the aches and pains ... of aging. The discomfort that I once took for granted is no longer there. The stress and gastrointestinal ailments that I simply accepted ... just went away. Today I walk straighter and with more ease. I have a greater sense of peace. Discover the possibilities with Sherie! [It's] a great opportunity!" Anne G.
  • "I have a number of chronic conditions including insulin-dependent diabetes and endometriosis. The herbs truly gave me more energy, made me feel more balanced and able to deal. I had forgotten how bad I used to feel. I am enjoying my life again ... and I definitely have Sherie to thank for that" Samantha H.
  • "My sons, age 5 and 8 loved going to [Sherie]. I would hear their laughter. [Sherie] is respectful and gentle ... very creative with children. Sherie's expertise in so many therapeutic techniques and her sensitivity create a dynamic experience" Beth K.
  • "I have gone to Sherie for reasons ranging from stress reduction to relief from pain following an auto accident and from personal discovery to simple pleasure. The sessions were amazing. I didn't have to [know] the modalities that make her treatment effective. Each time I got what I needed. I am grateful for her gifts of healing." Leslie S.
  • "Professional, reliable & knowledgeable. I highly recommend her." Nancy S., R.N. (nurse practitioner)
  • "[Sherie's] hands are truly blessed." Dr. Victor

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